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Bow Princess ❤ Unicorn

Evelin. 19. Hungary.
I love:
✿Fashion ✿Disney ✿Ariana Grande ✿Logan Lerman ✿Selena Gomez ✿Pink things ✿Food ✿Funny things ✿Cute Things ✿Colorful things ✿Ponies ✿Unicorns ✿Taylor Lautner ✿Percy Jackson ✿Harry Potter ✿Legend Of Korra ✿Nickelodeon ✿Once Upon A Time ✿Misfits ✿Ever After High ✿Monster High ✿Make up ✿Home decor

Harry Potter - Ron♥Hermione, Legend Of Korra - Mako♥Korra, Once Upon A Time - Hook♥Emma, iCarly - Freddie♥Sam, Misfits - Nathan♥Kelly, Victrorious - Robbie♥Cat, Big Time Rush - Logan♥Camille, 90210 - Liam♥Annie,

"up here in the cold thin air, i finally can breathe" requested by anonymous



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It takes 10 books for Percy to realize Riptide can be used as an actual pen.

To clarify, Annabeth figured it out


acting cool but checking out the booty like


Visual development for Tangled (by James D. Finn)

Visual development for Tangled (by James D. Finn)